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Synerys is an international team of specialists in fitness, nutrition, healthcare, and wellness founded by Julia Stecher - an award-winning athlete, world-class fitness coach, and certified nutritionist.

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Being a successful personal trainer with excellent reputation in fitness community, Julia decided to establish a company that would help clients around the globe enhance their wellbeing, live healthier lives, and reach their most ambitious fitness goals.

I have created a strategy and visual identity for Synerys that aim to make the Synerys brand distinguishable in a highly saturated healthy lifestyle market through the company’s commitment to the success of its customers. Synerys dedicates its passion and expertise to helping each client achieve their health and fitness goals and get stable, lasting results.

The visual identity development went through several stages. Firstly, together with Julia we identified keywords that best describe the brand among which were 'mindful', 'credible', 'tailor-made', 'exclusive' and 'effective'. The keywords were the foundation for developing stylescapes - an upgraded version of moodboards that help effectively choose design direction at an early stage. As a result, I have designed two stylescapes based on aforementioned keywords. After Julia selected one of them, it became much clearer how the brand will look and feel like.

The next stage in visual identity development was designing the logo and choosing typography, colors, and imagery based on the selected stylescape. The colors (mainly black, white and beige palette) as well as typography (bold condensed headers and grotesque body) and imagery were identified quite easily thanks to references featured in the stylescape. The logo, in turn, was set to be made from scratch. Thus, three options were designed and applied to mockups to present how the brand would live in web, social media, merchandise, and outdoor ads. All three logo symbols had constituents in them that are associated with health, sports, energy. After deliberate consideration, one logo direction was selected.

That kicked off the process of creating elaborate Brand Guidelines which is crucial in Synerys' case as the company produces plenty of creative materials including videos for social media, printed and digital ads, merchandise, etc. The Brand Guidelines include Synerys' brand strategy (mission, vision, values, tone of voice), and visual identity instructions (logotype, colors, typography, brand application, and imagery).

As a part of the project, I have also established Synerys’ digital presence. I designed and developed the company’s new website in Webflow to make it as easy as possible for Synerys content creators to add content to the website. The website development process included making a sitemap, designing wireframes and mockups, and developing. Apart from static pages and CMS system, I have added the e-commerce functionality for Synerys to sell e-books.

After the project was completed, I was asked to design an e-book - fitness program, that includes recommendations on nutrition, ways to calculate macros, and meal and training plans with detailed exercises. The work resulted in a 50-page e-book that is now sold on Synerys' website.

I worked closely on the project with the Synerys founder, CEO Julia Stecher.


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