Hi there! 👋
I am Slava, a Helsinki-based web designer and developer.

Adam Wilson profile image

Adam Wilson

Co-founder, CEO at Polyform Studio

"During his time with Polyform Studio it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Slava and witness his growth as an exceptional designer & developer. In my career I have met very few who can deliver AAA results on the design side of projects as well as bring them to life the way Slava does.

He is truly a one-of-a-kind teammate and Webflow powerhouse. Slava brings a level of ownership, curiosity, attention to detail, and quality to everything he does. Any team would be better with Slava involved. Every project will achieve better results when his hands are involved.

I can't recommend Slava enough as an energetic source of good vibes, great code, innovative ideas, and big smiles."

Petr Dyachikhin

Co-founder, Lead Developer at CloverCreek

"Slava's uncharacteristically high design and ideation productivity and overwhelming work ethic render him a perfect candidate to design and implement almost anything-UX/UI, and he is a joy to work with on both web- and game development projects."

Samantha Hamilton

CTO at Polyform Studio

"Over his time with us, Slava grew as a developer at an incredible pace. He has mastered Webflow with precision and artistry, quickly advancing his skills to an extraordinary level. What truly stood out was his ability to take complete ownership of his projects. Slava consistently delivered high-quality work with minimal oversight, handling complex challenges effortlessly and ensuring every detail was meticulously addressed.

Slava’s autonomy and initiative were invaluable. He approached each project with a relentless pursuit of excellence, bringing visions to life with minimal guidance. His self-sufficiency and proactive problem-solving inspired confidence across the team, and his work consistently exceeded our expectations.

In short, Slava’s journey with Polyform Studio was nothing short of exceptional. He exemplified what it means to be a dedicated, self-driven, and highly skilled developer. His contributions significantly advanced our projects, and his impact on our team was profound."

Mike Abbott

Co-founder, CDO at Polyform Studio

"Working with Slava has been nothing short of fantastic. As a designer and WebFlow developer at Polyform, his creativity and technical ability have consistently impressed me. Despite our timezone differences, he handled remote work like a pro, keeping communication smooth and collaboration seamless—never an issue.

Slava has an incredible knack for design, creating experiences that are not just visually stunning but also super intuitive. But where he truly shines is in WebFlow development. Slava doesn’t just use the platform; he pushes the limits of what’s possible and consistently delivers experiences that stand out.

Over the past two years, I’ve seen Slava grow immensely as both a designer and a developer. His innovative thinking and technical skills have delivered amazing results on our projects. And his positive attitude has been contagious.

I cannot recommend Slava enough. His talent, dedication, and forward-thinking approach set him apart from his contemporaries. It’s been an honor to work with him, and I can’t wait to see what’s next."