Ascended Realms

Brand identity and UX/UI design for a real-time strategy game

Brand Identity, UX/UI, Web Design & Development


CloverCreek Entertainment Oy


Client representatives

Tatiana Bartceva, CEO
Paul Bazarov, Game Designer
Petr Dyachikhin, Lead Developer


Slava Solovyev

Ascended Realms is a PC game developed by a Finnish indie game studio CloverCreek Entertainment. Ascended Realms is an indirect-control kingdom simulator with collectible cards incorporating a unique mixture of genres. The game is currently being developed and is set to be released in 2022.

My task was to design the game's logo, set a ground for further brand development, and create the game's website - one of its major promotional channels. Besides, I am currently involved in UX/UI design for the game's menus and HUD preparing high-fidelity mockups, guidelines, and assets for developers to implement the design in the game using Unreal Engine. Ascended Realms is a complex game, thus UX requires special attention as we aim to make players' integration and experience as pleasurable as possible. As the game is work-in-progress, its brand identity, including logo evolvement, typography, colors, promo materials etc., as well as UX/UI will be developed further.

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